Saturday, December 26, 2009


So let's start recapping's the Spiehs/Hudson cousins...maybe next year we can coordinate with cousin Emma. From left to right: Mags, Owie, Jack, and Hannah.

Here's Miss Hannah, age 4.

Mr. Owen, age 4

Miss Maggie, age 2, and Granny, age 50 something?

Mr. Jack, age 2

Maggie playing in the leaves.

Took an afternoon trip to Morrill Hall one afternoon.

I think someone is about to get paddywhacked in the Raggedy Ann and Andy book.

The shirt Maggie is wearing is MINE from way back in the 70's!

A couple of pics from Platte River State Park. Aren't they adorable?

Owen showing off his Super Hero physique!
Now that my fall pictures are caught up, hopefully tonight I'll catch up on the winter pictures!