Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's April, already?

Got diapers? Owen's new playpen....he likes to purposefully tip it over and squirm his way out!
This cute gal is Julia Dahlke. She's the daughter of Josh and Laura Dahlke...

I can't believe that it's April! We've had snow, thunderstorms and hail! The spring-like weather has definately altered our sleep. With longer periods of sunshine, I feel more like staying up and soaking in all the rays! However, since I'm never sure when my natural "little alarm clock" is going to sound, going to bed at a reasonable hour just doesn't seem like much fun.

Speaking of my "natural little alarm clock...." I think Owen is part rooster. Last week he decided he needed to start his day anywhere between 3 - 5 AM. His entire sleep schedule got off kilter when he was sick last month. (A cold turned into sinus infection, plus about 4 days of diarrhea). His sniffles are gone, but the icky wet sounding cough still hangs on. We're slowly getting back on the sleep schedule.