Saturday, May 15, 2010

Need to Breathe

Wow-it's been a looong time without blogging...I think I'll skip the excuses...I wanted to share pix and videos of one of my favorite bands, "Need to Breathe." I got to see them last night (Friday) at the Slowdown up in O. I'll apologize now for the not-so-good pix-it was REALLY dark. Although, I had a great spot, pretty close to the stage (I could see them sweat!), I'm not sure my little camera is meant for dark stages. If you like the videos and want to hear more, here is their website.

In other news (I'm waiting for videos to load)...Owen can skip and snap his fingers-he's a way cool cat, now. Maggie is almost 100% potty trained-no accidents in a long time (knock on wood!) we're just working on the independance part, now.

Dave has been busy with house projects. He's redoing the back step railing-taking it out and redoing it so you can actually hold on to it. It will be nice to have something to hold onto in the winter when the steps are covered in snow and ice.

School is almost out for summer! The 21st is the students' last day. I have a few days after that of science curriculum meetings and the I start my summer class at UNO. (I am taking a 5-hour writing class as part of the National Oxbow Writing Project.) If you want to more know about that you can go to:

Okay I think some of the videos have loaded...note-these are just snippets. Couldn't tape them and watch and enjoy at the same time... :)

This is "Girl Named Tennesee"

"Stones Under Rushing Water"

"Something Beautiful" This is the song I heard that hooked me onto this group.

"Washed by the Water" This was their very last song, they came out from the stage and sang without mics. I love "Bear's" (lead singer) voice. He doesn't sound like the lead singer of every other band out there. I also dig that they were very much into their music - I wish I could have taped more - but they were just too much fun to watch!