Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Saturday

Who knew that Superman needed to practice casting his fishing pole...
Maggie is talking to the goose down there...she talked to him or her for about a good 10 minutes. She even sang Jesus Loves Me, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and the ABC song to him (or her).

Maggie just being cute!

Owen and Maggie checking out the green algae in the water, the bugs, and whatever else that was crawling around down there...

I took the above photos yesterday....I am not a "stay at home" kinda gal - so I was really glad to convince Owen that we should get out of town for a few hours (I couldn't even convince him to go to Hyvee for chocolate milk and freezee pops the other day. He seems to be really enjoying staying at home with me now that school is out.) we went down to a state park and practiced casting his fishing pole.

Maggie enjoying the sprinkler park (I think sometime last week). I sat in front of this sprinkler...the cool mist was awesome!

Our "Ode to Michael Jackson." Kids are boppin around to "Beat It." Getting the "Thriller" tape when it came out in '82/'83 was the highlight of my 3rd grade school year!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Our friends, Mike and Emily and adorable Quinton came over last weekend to visit...awesome grilling weather, sunny, not too hot...the brats and burgers were pretty near perfect.

Maggie and Quinton, I think he'll be 1 in September.

Despite not napping, Owen pulled off his Superman abilities...jumping and leaping...he could have used his Superman cape a few days ago....(he jumped off our neighbor's waterslide...about 5 1/2 feet tall, landed on his bum; chipping his top & bottom teeth and gashing up the gum behind his bottom teeth...there was lots of blood. Of course I was the only adult around, me and my queasy tummy got him all fixed up, though. I was glad when Dave got home to take over consoling Owen, he (Owen) was really worried about his teeth)

Hmmm....can you guess why the Superman video is Owen's favorite? (Owen would be Superman every day if I washed his outfit that often somehow it only gets washed once week). I thought it was fitting to post a Superman video on Father's Day, since I know so many Super Men!

Happy Father's Day: Dave, Dad, Dan, Jeff, Toby, and all my friends!