Monday, November 24, 2008

holy garbanzo beans, it's almost turkey day...

Every month, I wonder where did our time fly? Well was spent changing diapers, calming tantrumy children (both at work and at home) and making every day worth saying that it was a good day.

I've been talking a lot about being thankful to my students the last few weeks. One of the "fluff" activities we're doing in our spare time is making a "Thankful Book." A colorful turkey adorns the front cover, and the feathers have the name of the person or object they are thankful for. On the inside, each page is devoted to a poem or lengthy description of why that person or object deserves an extra "thanks" this time of year. It's really nice to see that my 4th graders love and respect their families. They have a lot of thankful items they're writing about. (As do I, since I made one ahead of time to show them).

One feather of mine has the words "wisdom" written on it. (Not that I have a whole lot of it to tout, but more of searching and acquiring the good stuff). I was sitting in a meeting for a "behavior disorder" student about a week ago..most of you who know me well, know that I often have music playing in my head most of the time. The song that popped in that afternoon (after an already very long day) was the Beatles, "Let It Be." I think I was thinking at the time, that I can do all the teacher things I know to do for this child. But really, it's going to be up to this child to make his own choices. I can totally be a great person while he's in my classroom, talking about how to make good choices and what the consequences are going to be for each decision; but ultimately I have to eventually let go and let him make those choices for himself. And of course, being a teacher I have to wonder why that song came in my does today relate to my life at home, and I have to remember that those same thoughts apply to raising my kids and being a good wife and mom. Some things I just have to "Let It Be."

So does one have to be old to have wisdom? :)

And where does one find it? I haven't had to go far, I've been reading a bit of the book of Proverbs every night. The ultimate book of Wisdom. Probably the key is to not just read it, but then put what I learn into action...that's the test.

A very happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you. Thanks so much for reading our blog and keeping up on our lives. Every one of you is a blessing; I think I have a few more feathers to add to my turkey tomorrow morning!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween really isn't over...

Halloween really isn't over....until all the candy is gone. How long can two youngsters go without being able to dig through their pumpkins? Let's time it....6.8 seconds. Pumpkins are now going up on the fridge until Easter! (We still have Easter candy up on the fridge...) I think Owen and Maggie woke up this morning still hyper from all the sugar they ingested yesterday.
After a very long day of keeping my 4th graders in line (which was difficult, because my school has a HALLOWEEN PARADE! This is my first school district that I've taught in that actually encourages dressing up and then parading down the main street sidewalk, collecting candy from all the businesses. Then when we get back, the room moms have a party and games waiting for us), I got the kids from daycare, and we headed up to the big O to Dave's new office for their big Halloween party. They got tons of candy, pizza, games, prizes, etc. Then back home. I think Maggie could have gone to bed at that point, but she didn't want Owen to have all the I took both of them out trick-or-treating. Dave stayed home this year to pass out candy. I think he said about half of the school showed up....pretty much all of my students came by....luckily we don't have too much candy left over.
I still have a headache from yesterday.