Saturday, September 09, 2006

Power walker!

Above is the link to our video of Owen walking. Shortly before his 1st birthday, Owen decided to take a few steps all on his own. In a short 2 or 3 weeks he has officially graduated into being a regular walker. He still prefers to walk barefoot over wearing his sneakers. (even outside) I guess it won't be an issue until it gets cold!

Owen had just gotten over his cold after his birthday party when he decided to catch another one. This time it seems to be lingering quite a bit longer, and the cough is even cruddier. He also very graciously "gave" it to me! Luckily, Dave hasn't come down with a cough or sniffles. Last night I made my first "late night run" (3 AM) to pick up some cough syrup. Owen woke up, started hacking and just couldn't get back to sleep without his cough waking him back up. Needless to say, Dave and I are both a little short on I should sign off and go to bed!

Birthday Boy!

Well, my pictures didn't get posted in the order I thought they would.....we celebrated Owen's 1st Birthday at our apartment, and for a while (before it started to rain) we were at Elmwood Park.
Owen's Grandpa Hudson, looking mighty spiffy in his birthday hat!

Owen seems to be enjoying stuffing his face with the Dr. Seuss Birthday cake!
Opening a few presents....
Grandmas Spiehs, Hudson, Owen and Mommy walking over to the playground area.
Owen received two big gifts from his mom and dad: 1. a pair of shoes (which he doesn't really like to wear and 2. a house of his own to live it! (we hope he likes the house better than his shoes!)

Owen is just getting over his cold, which is why you don't really see him smiling very much...