Monday, December 31, 2007

Maggie's One - Year Stats

Maggie had her one-year check up last week. She hadn't been feeling that great when we took her in, it was good timing since the doctor discovered an ear infection. This would be her 2nd.

Here's how she stands:

height: 31.75 inches (99%)
weight: 23.4 pounds (88%)
head cirfumference: 17.91 inches (63%)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Dear Maggie, Happy Birthday To You!

It's so hard to believe that our little Maggie has turned one year old. Her official birthday was Tuesday, however, we celebrated on Sunday. We were supposed to have a houseful to celebrate, but as it turned out, it's flu and cold season. Uncle Jeff and Aunt Mindy were in Jamaica, and Cousins Hannah and Jack were sick....and Uncle Toby and Aunt Cynthia were still waiting for their little baby....We had a small, but mighty gathering of her Hudson grandparents and uncle Darin. Jami (daycare lady) and her youngest daughter (Maddie) stopped by for a little while. Her older daughter was also sick. Owen was sick, too....and Maggie's cold was just coming on....nobody really felt that great. Actually, I think Dan, Karen, and Darin all felt fine. Hopefully they didn't pick anything up while staying with us.

It ended up being a fine day. Maggie loved playing with the paper, and is enjoying playing with her new toys.

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

Ho ho ho...Last weekend we had breakfast with Santa Clause at the Masonic Lodge. Since Owen is the oldest, we let him go first on Santa's lap....little did we know that he was a bit shy. (We practiced the night before...I guess I didn't make a very good Santa). Maggie sat on his lap without any hesitation. Once Maggie had her little babble session with Santa, Owen was a little more confident to climb up into his lap. He told him he wanted a new tractor for Christmas. Owen caught wind that Santa was going to be in town again (this time at the bank, different Santa, of course!) The second time around, Owen knew exactly what to do....he climbed right up on Santa's lap and told him he needed a new loader. Santa asked him if he really knew what a loader was and he replied, "I feed cows with Bapa. We need new loader." Santa asked him what color. Owen grinned and told him "gween."
Maggie really isn't asleep. She babbled his ear off. We didn't quite catch what she wanted for Christmas. She already has her two front teeth....she probably wants all those other ones that make her gums swollen to come in.
Here's Owen putting the first ornaments on the tree. They didn't stay on. Somebody kept taking them off, so we just put all the ornaments away for another year (or two. or three.)
Owen of course has to be Daddy's little helper.

We are just about ready for the holiday season. One more week of work and then some time off. We discovered however, that with our snowday and keeping the kids home it really was more work taking care of them and running (literally) after them, than our actual jobs. We did manage to go sledding on our snow day....