Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy May!

Here's some pictures taken just this weekend. Owen's newest toy is the sand and water activity center. He absolutely loves it! So do mom and dad! Owen can hang out and race his boats and cars and pile up sand to his hearts content! He also loves helping Daddy out with the truck and car. He's getting very helpful when we need something....especially if it's on the floor.
Maggie has been pretty content the last few months. We've started her on rice cereal, and she's taken to "eating" very well! Hopefully the next picture of her will be in her highchair. We've really been procrastinating getting the highchair out of storage. It's ugly. It moves around too much, and the tray is a pain in the derrier to get on and take off. It's a good thing she'll only need it for a short time period in her life. Then we can burn the darn thing!
Now that school is coming to a close, (the kids are done this Friday, then the teachers have to go next Tues-Thurs.) hopefully I'll be able to update our blog more frequently.