Sunday, October 01, 2006

September News and Updates

Gosh, September has just come and gone. We had Owen's birthday party at the end of August, September flew in and went by in a flash! During the month of September, Owen experienced his first high temperature, ear infection and pink eye (in both eyes) all at the same time! Needless to say, Dave and I also got wind of his illness and took weeks to recuperate....I still have a lingering cough and scratchy voice. Here is a picture of Owen before we realized he had pink eye. Owen has also given up bouncing in his jumper. He'd much rather walk around and get himself into all kinds of trouble!

Owen has also mastered walking! He still trips over his feet on occasion, and stumbles a lot when he's tired, but he's pretty much given up crawling!

Self explanatory-Owen getting goofy with his spoon! Another evening after a hard day of day care....first time he had ever fallen asleep in the highchair.

Owen is just about as excited to move as we are! We didn't even have to ask him for his help when we started packing up our books. He just started tossing in books! What a great helper! We can hire him out for a fee! :)

Here's Owen and Addie (and Addie's mom, Joanna). The two tykes seemed to get along fabulously. Owen has always been drawn to cute, older girls, and Addie definitely fits the bill! Joanna is a friend of Dave's from High School. Joanna, her husband, Dennis, and Addie, along with another high school friend, Kjell and his wife Lisa were over for lunch today. Owen couldn't believe it when everybody left him. He had so much fun playing with everyone....he cried for quite a while.

We are certainly getting anxious to get out of our apartment. The more mobile Owen gets, the more we wish we could plunk him down in our huge back yard under the enormous oak tree and watch him run around! Certainly can't do that on the corner of our 2 super-busy streets!