Thursday, December 23, 2010

Maggie Noel

Just for the record, Maggie does know her middle name (Noel).  She has been working hard this month (ever since we heard The First Noel on the radio) to learn to learn this song.  Enjoy her little song.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A King and an Angel

One picture for tonight...more to come later.  We celebrated Maggie's 4th Birthday this weekend; as well as the children's Christmas Program.  As you can see, Owen was a king and Mags is an angel.  It's been an eventful's been one day (or in our case one event) at a time.  My hope is that this week goes smoothly and I can find some time to make some Rosettes.  I have fond memories of being in my grandma's kitchen after school fying up those crispy treats.  My mom bought me a Rosette kit and I have high hopes of putting it to use later this week.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Hundredth Post

     Have you seen ?  I find it absolutely rib-hurting hilarious.  You upload pictures, create a mouth, and make it talk. 
     Here's one of Maggie's belly button talking:

     I have found a new joy – sharpening knives. Through Julia Child and her French Cooking show I have acquired my own unique 45-second, “Calgon, take me away” time.

     Child begins the episode about cooking with onions by explaining the importance of slicing with sharp knives. (Yes, it is much safer to work with sharp, rather than dull knives). Before making French onion soup, she sliced through onions like they were melted butter. I was jealous. I wanted my chef’s knife to be like hers. I had never sliced, diced, or chopped with such effortless efficiency.
     I watched Julia Child demonstrate the professional knife-sharpening method. In all honesty, I think I watched the knife-sharpening scene about 10l times until I felt comfortable going upstairs and retrieving my knives and the steel. I had never used the steel before – never. I felt a little funny about learning the skill. Growing up, my dad always sharpened – ok, “honed” – the blades with a whetstone. It only seemed natural to me that Dave should be the sharpener of our household blades.
     You know what, though? It’s pretty much my kitchen. If I want super sharp blades, I’m going to learn. So I practiced. I brought the blades up and down. Tested them on the back of my hand. Couldn’t feel much sharpness, yet. Back to the steel. Up and down some more – adjust the angle. Aah, I’ve just trimmed some arm hair! Now we’re getting somewhere!
     I love using the steel on my knives in slow motion. I can feel the pull of the steel as I move over nicks and imperfections. I feel the vibrations as I grind away a rough section of the knife. I make a few more passes on the steel until it’s smooth. I could trim my nails with it, if needed.
     Have you ever had one of those days where you feel you could use something to hone your imperfections? Do you ever feel like your life is dull or flat or full of imperfections? What do you do to straighten yourself out? I’m curious. Tell me. Sometimes as I feel the nick jerk on the steel beneath me, I recall a cruddy part of my day…late getting out the door and sharing my frustration with everyone in the house. Computers at work acting up. Books not showing up in our bank of databases. Children not listening. Nicks in my day…going away. It’s zen – a not so good part of my day stuck in my head and zwap goes the knife and steel – the rough edge is straighter.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Biking, Potatos, and a Birthday

Fresh cut flowers from the front yard. Maggie helped pick them. I planted Zinnias and Cosmos in the front planter with the Seedum. Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes. These practically jumped out of the ground and hit us on the head. I planted Yukon Golds and Purple Viking. I am thinking freshly grated hashbrowns and eggs for breakfast tomorrow??

Where have all the Monarchs gone? Every since we've moved in, I've planted Zinnias and Cosmos...we've had Monarchs and other colorful butterflies; but this year is different. Anyone else notice it? This looks more like a moth...

The prettiest flower of them all is in yellow!

The strawberry cake Owen ordered for his birthday party. It was quite tasty if I say so myself.

After readjusting Owen's new bike clear to the bottom, he can finally ride it. Owen turned 5 last week and is greatly enjoying his new bike. (Also, if anyone has any photos of his birthday party, could you e-mail them to me? All that I was able to get a picture of was his cake.)

Maggie and her little hotrod. She has a bike, also, but I think it's a bit small for her. We raised the seat as high as it would go, and there's still not much room for her legs. It's really hard to bike when you're knees almost hit the steering wheel with every rotation of the wheels!

Well not much else to report on...we'll see how Labor Day goes...maybe I'll upload all the pics from my camera...Enjoy the day off, everyone.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Published Author

In the above book you will be able to find a few pieces written by yours truly this summer. The book, "Time Revisited," is an anothology of the students who participated in the National Writing Project through the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Yeah me, I am officially a published author. I don't believe the book is available quite yet through Amazon or Borders, however you can check it out at the University Library. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

June and July Pics

A quick recap of the summer, thus far. A trip to Fontanelle Forest....

A monkey in the tree?
Road rash....Owen has become an expert bike rider!
A little road rash on Mags...

A few flowers picked for good 'ol mom.
A great Nebraska sunset, July 16th...I was at Soaring Wings Vineyard with a few good friends - playing that night was Chris Straub. Although the breeze was really hot and muggy, the wine was cold and refreshing!
Maggie's tattoo that she designed and put right onto to her tummy!

More Fontenelle Forest!

Pirates attacking the bear and keeping Grandpa safe.
More pics to come later...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Need to Breathe

Wow-it's been a looong time without blogging...I think I'll skip the excuses...I wanted to share pix and videos of one of my favorite bands, "Need to Breathe." I got to see them last night (Friday) at the Slowdown up in O. I'll apologize now for the not-so-good pix-it was REALLY dark. Although, I had a great spot, pretty close to the stage (I could see them sweat!), I'm not sure my little camera is meant for dark stages. If you like the videos and want to hear more, here is their website.

In other news (I'm waiting for videos to load)...Owen can skip and snap his fingers-he's a way cool cat, now. Maggie is almost 100% potty trained-no accidents in a long time (knock on wood!) we're just working on the independance part, now.

Dave has been busy with house projects. He's redoing the back step railing-taking it out and redoing it so you can actually hold on to it. It will be nice to have something to hold onto in the winter when the steps are covered in snow and ice.

School is almost out for summer! The 21st is the students' last day. I have a few days after that of science curriculum meetings and the I start my summer class at UNO. (I am taking a 5-hour writing class as part of the National Oxbow Writing Project.) If you want to more know about that you can go to:

Okay I think some of the videos have loaded...note-these are just snippets. Couldn't tape them and watch and enjoy at the same time... :)

This is "Girl Named Tennesee"

"Stones Under Rushing Water"

"Something Beautiful" This is the song I heard that hooked me onto this group.

"Washed by the Water" This was their very last song, they came out from the stage and sang without mics. I love "Bear's" (lead singer) voice. He doesn't sound like the lead singer of every other band out there. I also dig that they were very much into their music - I wish I could have taped more - but they were just too much fun to watch!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Potty Training News!

Here's our proud little girl in front of her dollhouse shelves. She's been working very hard the last few months to get herself potty trained. It was really tough with all the excitement of her birthday, the snow, Christmas, and then more snow! But I think we finally jumped over the last big hurdle these past few weeks. Dave made the shelves. The roof even opens up! By the way, yes - it's January - and yes, she chose to wear shorts and a tank top. She runs everywhere, so I suppose she naturally stays fairly warm.
Owen giving Maggie a congratulatory hug.

Stay blog...update on the basement bathroom!

Last of the Christmas Pictures

Above are some pics of our Hudson Christmas. Because of the snow, our plans got totally rearranged...instead of heading to Gothenburg, we met everyone in GI at Darin's house. We didn't get to see everyone we intended to out in G-burg-but you can only travel so far in a whole bunch of snow with two little ones!

Hannah and Maggie.
Aunt Mindy, Owen, Jack, Hannah and Uncle Jeff's leg.
Emma and Uncle Toby! Everybody loved the red guitars!

Granny and all the kids...Owen, Hannah, Emma, Jack and Mags. Christmas is over. On to potty training news for Maggie!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Better finish loading pics of '09

Gotta finish putting up pictures of '09 before I can start blogging the new year. The new decade. Wowsers. Hard to believe that it's '10. Anyways, here's the Christmas '09 Damage.
Owen and Buzz.
Maggie, our new doctor.
Two kids who obviously can't wait to tear into their presents.

Maggie after a few bites of her Strawberry Shortcake cake at her 3rd birthday party.

It took her a couple of tries (and help from her brother and cousins), but she got all three candles out!)

Maggie celebrating with cousins Hannah and Jack, and, of course, her brother, Owie.

Mags and Dave on her birthday.

Maggie opening some presents on her birthday at home.

Hannah, Jack, Owen, and Maggie with Santa while we were in Phillips sometime.

Kids and I making cookies for Thanksgiving.