Monday, June 18, 2007


Here we are in June, already! The Big News of the Day is that Maggie has her first tooth! She took it all in stride. You really wouldn't have know that she was about to break through a tooth. She really didn't drool a lot, or carry on as if in more pain...Today actually was her 6-month check up! She got a thumbs up from Dr. Specht. Here are her stats: weight 17.15 pounds (86%); height 28 inches (99%).

The picture of me and Maggie was taken just yesterday. We were having fun with the sprinkler. More pictures of the sprinkler fun towards the bottom of this post. Not sure how I got the pictures so out of order! Let's see, the end of May marked the closing of my first year at Buffett Middle School. I am glad to be done teaching Journalism! Even more thrilling is that I will have only "prep" next year, as I will only be teaching 6th grade Language Arts; I will be covering writing, grammar and "word study." (spelling) Although the drive clear up to Buffett was a bit much for me, I have to think positively-next year we are not buying a house and moving, I am not switching jobs, and we are not having another baby in the middle of the school year! With that all in the back of my head, I have to hope that next year will not be quite as stressful. And possibly the stress lines in my forehead will fade a little!

So after school came to a close, Dave travelled down to Dodge City, KS with Owen for a weekend with an old high school friend, Aaron. Dave and Owen are sitting next to Aaron and his son Holden who is just a few months younger than Owen. Apparantly they all had a good time, and both Dave and Owen survived the 6-8 hour long drive down there! I have to say that the house was REALLY quite without Owen. I'm not sure Maggie really understood what was going on, but I think she kind of missed Owen!

Owen is having some fun with the sprinkler. It originally was located in a spot to water some flowers, but Owen thought it was much more fun to play with it, then just run through it.

Here's Maggie enjoying some rice cereal! She's graduated to eating food! So far, she's tried rice and oatmeal cereal, applesauce and peas. No complaints, yet!