Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mud, Slush and Sunshine!

This was my kitchen on one of our "snow days!" Owen obviously thought he had a better idea of how everything should be arranged.
Playing dress up with grandma's gloves and shades. One of his favorite "indoor" activities.

OK-so sue me for not posting more pictures of Maggie. On second thought, don’t bother, my slim paycheck from taking 2 months off for maternity leave doesn’t leave us very much. Truth be told, Owen is just more photogenic right now. Maggie is still in the “I’m content just to lay here, smile every now and then in between poops” stage. Trust me, I’m not playing favorites, I try not to compare children and no, Owen is not bribing me to post him more often than his sister. So here are some more photos of the Magster. (Taken just today!) I guess they're up there.

Another reason why I don’t get to posting more about Maggie is that our computer stinks! It seems every time I’m in the middle of typing a good story about the kids or a quick yarn about my students at work, the darn gizmo shuts down. It’s not in the middle of updating Windows, I didn’t kick it, I haven’t sworn at it lately, the screen just goes black and starts laughing at me. You wouldn’t have known it, but as soon as I got done typing the two previous paragraphs that you can’t see (BECAUSE THEY’RE GONE!) the computer blacked out. I swear, if there were a “crappy computer” contest, ours would certainly be in the running. At least it doesn’t turn on all by itself anymore. That was creepy. So true is the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Stupid Ed (as I affectionately call it) was good when we got it. Worked well right up until the warranty expired, almost exactly 6 months.

So let’s see, what was I posting about before my computer got giddy from the fresh air and passed out? Yes-the fresh air! It’s coming back to me know… we go: Raising kids has gotten tons easier! I say that because Owen loves to be outside! All it took was the increase in our state’s temperature by about 30 degrees! Owen has discovered what fun splashing in puddles can be, and what it feels like to fall into a big puddle of mud! After he got used to the brief shock of cold wetness on his legs and back, he exclaimed, "Wet!" And off we went! I was able to take Owen out for more than 30 minutes at a time…and was able to take Maggie out without bundling her up like we were going on a toboggan race! Today we were out almost all afternoon! Owen had so much fun playing with the neighbor’s sticks in their yard it was ridiculous. It was a good thing they weren’t home, otherwise I might have hit them up for some money for all the work that Owen did for them! He really likes to be busy and loves to do whatever Dave and I are doing. Not sure why he likes to pick up sticks, though. (We don't make it a daily habit to pick up sticks like we do reading a good book). He’s very helpful picking up at the end of the day, and I suppose the yard does look pretty sloppy with all those twigs lying around, so he must think the yard has to be as neat as our house. I’ll let him go with that thought!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Whatever you do, do it well!

Like my previous post said, I'm just not sure where February went. I think we spent most of it indoors, since the average temp was, well-COLD! I knew going back to work fulltime would be stressful and wouldn't have a whole lot of extra spending time with the family has been first and foremost...then comes grading, then we do the dishes, etc...

We had the pleasure of seeing some college friends last weekend...long story short-Dave was friends with Margaret Norwood during their years at Hastings College. Margaret wrote a screenplay. One of the characters was based on Dave. The screenplay got turned into a film, and they brought it to Omaha for the Omaha Film Festival last weekend. Yeah Margaret and Matthew Noorwood and Terry Gsell! (Sorry, Terry, for butchering your last name!) Kudos to Jason Levering (also an Aurora High Schoool and Hastings College Alum) and all the folks who worked to make it possible for Omaha to actually have a movie festival!

I am trying to include into my daily classroom rituals one of my favorite details I noticed in Margaret's movie, Independance, in one of the scenes, the bank marquee had this scrolling past: "Whatever you do, do it well." I am trying to remember that everyday as I get focused before my students arrive, hoping it will rub off on them. (Especially my 8th graders....they focus so much on trying to give off the illusion that they're "bad." Trying to get them to attempt to do well on anything and not be embarrased about having success is like trying to herd cats...)

I felt in awe through most of the movie...I remember Margaret and Terry (I was a freshman) in their last year of college completing their music degrees, always amazing on stage, and always seeming like they really had it together. It did not surprise me when Dave got an e-mail from Maraget saying her screenplay was becoming a reality.

Whatever you do, do it well!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Somehow we missed blogging in Feb....

Owen was fasinated by all the trucks scooping snow the last 2 months....he can see sooo much better when he climbs up onto the window sill to watch them work. Not nearly as much fun as actually going outside and using his own little snow shovel, though!

Welcome to March...