Monday, September 07, 2009

Princess Maggie

This morning I had the pleasure of taking a leisurely stroll around town and swinging with Princess Maggie. She absolutely loves wearing this dress...She even played basketball with Owen while wearing it.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Owen's Birthday Continued

Here's Jack trying to take down Owen at the end of the party...Owen outweighs him by probably 15 or 20 pounds....

I thought I'd try the "no layout" for the pictures...that's why they are all scattered about.
As you can tell, I am finally getting around to posting Owen's Birthday Party pictures. We had everyone meet us out at Mahoney State Park at the Activity Center. It was loud-the kids had a great time.
The four cousins....Jack, Owen, Hannah, and Maggie.
Owen not too happy that his cousin Hannah (whom he wishes to marry-picked out a Dora card for him. He had forgotten that he had picked out a Spiderman card and Transformer toy for her birthday just two months prior; probably not her first choice, either...she took it with a little more grace, though, than Owen.
This is inside the activity center. Good place to get lost in!