Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Potty Training News!

Here's our proud little girl in front of her dollhouse shelves. She's been working very hard the last few months to get herself potty trained. It was really tough with all the excitement of her birthday, the snow, Christmas, and then more snow! But I think we finally jumped over the last big hurdle these past few weeks. Dave made the shelves. The roof even opens up! By the way, yes - it's January - and yes, she chose to wear shorts and a tank top. She runs everywhere, so I suppose she naturally stays fairly warm.
Owen giving Maggie a congratulatory hug.

Stay blog...update on the basement bathroom!

Last of the Christmas Pictures

Above are some pics of our Hudson Christmas. Because of the snow, our plans got totally rearranged...instead of heading to Gothenburg, we met everyone in GI at Darin's house. We didn't get to see everyone we intended to out in G-burg-but you can only travel so far in a whole bunch of snow with two little ones!

Hannah and Maggie.
Aunt Mindy, Owen, Jack, Hannah and Uncle Jeff's leg.
Emma and Uncle Toby! Everybody loved the red guitars!

Granny and all the kids...Owen, Hannah, Emma, Jack and Mags. Christmas is over. On to potty training news for Maggie!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Better finish loading pics of '09

Gotta finish putting up pictures of '09 before I can start blogging the new year. The new decade. Wowsers. Hard to believe that it's '10. Anyways, here's the Christmas '09 Damage.
Owen and Buzz.
Maggie, our new doctor.
Two kids who obviously can't wait to tear into their presents.

Maggie after a few bites of her Strawberry Shortcake cake at her 3rd birthday party.

It took her a couple of tries (and help from her brother and cousins), but she got all three candles out!)

Maggie celebrating with cousins Hannah and Jack, and, of course, her brother, Owie.

Mags and Dave on her birthday.

Maggie opening some presents on her birthday at home.

Hannah, Jack, Owen, and Maggie with Santa while we were in Phillips sometime.

Kids and I making cookies for Thanksgiving.