Saturday, December 26, 2009


So let's start recapping's the Spiehs/Hudson cousins...maybe next year we can coordinate with cousin Emma. From left to right: Mags, Owie, Jack, and Hannah.

Here's Miss Hannah, age 4.

Mr. Owen, age 4

Miss Maggie, age 2, and Granny, age 50 something?

Mr. Jack, age 2

Maggie playing in the leaves.

Took an afternoon trip to Morrill Hall one afternoon.

I think someone is about to get paddywhacked in the Raggedy Ann and Andy book.

The shirt Maggie is wearing is MINE from way back in the 70's!

A couple of pics from Platte River State Park. Aren't they adorable?

Owen showing off his Super Hero physique!
Now that my fall pictures are caught up, hopefully tonight I'll catch up on the winter pictures!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Princess Maggie

This morning I had the pleasure of taking a leisurely stroll around town and swinging with Princess Maggie. She absolutely loves wearing this dress...She even played basketball with Owen while wearing it.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Owen's Birthday Continued

Here's Jack trying to take down Owen at the end of the party...Owen outweighs him by probably 15 or 20 pounds....

I thought I'd try the "no layout" for the pictures...that's why they are all scattered about.
As you can tell, I am finally getting around to posting Owen's Birthday Party pictures. We had everyone meet us out at Mahoney State Park at the Activity Center. It was loud-the kids had a great time.
The four cousins....Jack, Owen, Hannah, and Maggie.
Owen not too happy that his cousin Hannah (whom he wishes to marry-picked out a Dora card for him. He had forgotten that he had picked out a Spiderman card and Transformer toy for her birthday just two months prior; probably not her first choice, either...she took it with a little more grace, though, than Owen.
This is inside the activity center. Good place to get lost in!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Owen!

Today is Owen's 4th Birthday! We celebrated a little bit this evening...he and Maggie picked out big birthday cookies from Hyvee...please note they did not eat their entire cookie; and YES we did a doubly good job brushing their teeth this evening!
It's so much fun to see them making a big mess...and enjoying it SO MUCH. Owen didn't make as big a mess as Mags did-but he was trying not to, since he's a real big boy, now!
He's looking forward to celebrating this weekend...he has invited the whole town of Springfield and surrounding areas to his party...I'm sure we'll be wild and crazy bunch out at Mahoney...more pictures to come later this weekend.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We have LOTS of tomatos and squash-PLEASE- come get some!
I love Zinnias! My favorites are the pink ones.

I really have no idea where the summer went. I have started back to work this week-ugh-setting the alarm stinks. But you know, the cutest little alarm clock still comes in to snuggle with me every morning at 6...I often think to myself why bother setting the alarm when my little dumpling will wake me never know-one of these days she might sleep past 6 AM!

We (meaning Dave) are FINALLY getting started on the basement bathroom project. It sounded simple at first-the plumbing for a bathroom is already there; just put in a toilet, sink and shower. Ha ha. The bathroom leaks. We discovered that last December when we hid Christmas presents down there! First, we (meaning DAve) had figure out where the leak was coming from. Long story short, he had to fix the big crack in the steps-then he painted the steps so they'd be nice. But he accidently got some creme paint on the black railing he just installed. So then he had to fix that. Now I guess we wait and see if it stays dry before I pick out paint colors.

Dave took down the ceiling to take a look at the front steps from below.

There's the leak. I spotted it pretty quick. :)

Maggie and Owen being cute.

We discovered that Maggie and Owen like to paint. One of these days I'm going to get a small 8 1/2 x 11 canvas for them and let them paint away on it and then frame them. I think they've got potential...

Must have been a hot day when I took this pic.

More Denver pics...I think this is before the Rockies game.

Some friends from good old Hastings College met up with me while I was in Denver. Emilie is on my left and DJ is on my right. I got to meet his lovely bride-to-be, Yvette.

Just me-taking a self-picture. Thought it was a nice picture.
Here's to another school year! :)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Shari's Workation, Day One

Monday-sorry no pictures, I took some today, but forgot the cord to upload the pics to the computer.

How does one start a “workation?” (Shari’s idea of vacation-going to a conference for work) Better get yourself a pedicure! So far starters this morning, I headed over to Regal Nails for a pedi…I watched part of the Michael Jackson televised memorial while getting me toes all dolled up. Had a lot of good memories come floating back…my mom had a 47 record of the Jackson Five-my first introduction to Michael Jackson was of playing him on our little beat up record player – not sure how old I was when I was looking through the old blue box of 47s, but shortly thereafter he broke off and went solo…other fond memories were of watching him on MTV at my Grandma’s in Aurora. (We didn’t have cable out on the farm). I remember my eyeballs literally popping out of my head watching him dance his way through Wanna Get Something Started, and Beat It, etc. And then me and my friends trying to horribly imitate the moves at our slumber parties. (Still haven’t met anyone who could replicate the Moonwalk). I regretfully missed his brother Jermaine singing one of my favorite songs (who knew it was also Michaels?), "Smile." Another one of my favorites was, and still is, "I'll Be There."

Next, off to the airport. I actually watched the signs this time and made it without having to turn around. (Usually I have someone in the car with me that I’m delivering or returning and we’re yapping away; or it’s just too darn early or late and I miss something cuz I don’t see well in the dark).

So, a little background info…I haven’t flown in about 5 years….The last time I flew you had to hand your info to a real person and they gave you all your “stuff.” NOW there’s a computer touch screen that you have to deal with. So, I do the best I can, ask a few questions along the way. One of them being, does this touch screen really speed things up? (especially since I’m the ONLY person standing at the SouthWest ticket counter). I think I have everything and head on my merry way.

I’m early-I stop in to have a cup of coffee…a nice lady my mom’s age sits next to me and starts chatting, so naturally I chat back. Turns out, Marcia (also my mom’s name) taught music at King Science when she first taught for OPS, back then it was just an elementary school, though. (King Science was my first OPS school). So we have a lot to talk about...

Then I head to security. Did I mention I don’t get out of state very often? I hand them whatever the lady at the ticket counter gave me…they laughed. Where’s your boarding pass? It should have printed out at the computer. Hmmm no one said anything about that…I’m just laughing at myself at this point. Thinking, I really need to get out more often. Turns out, the boarding pass (which I didn’t know I was supposed to pick up) had been picked up by someone and turned in, but the ticket people had just thrown it away…it had been awhile and they didn’t think I was coming back. (Duh, I was talking to a nice lady and enjoying a cup of coffee!) So they printed me another. Got through security....even with one of the security dudes noticing my big envelope carrying all my important info with big, red, bold words printed on it, "DO NOT LOSE." Yeah, he thought it was funny to remind me not to lose it. Thanks...can you help me pick up my license and boarding pass that I just dropped, Mr. Security Guy?

Then I met friend number two. I think I have a “talk to me” sign on my forehead. Very nice 40 ish gentleman from Chicago…6 kids, we exchanged life stories while we waited to board the same plane. Found a seat and got geared up for takeoff. I’ve always wanted to yell out, “Weeeeee,” while taking off. But I didn’t. It was hard to resist. Then one of the stewards asked if once in the air I’d trade seats with a gentleman up a ways so he could sit with his wife. Being a married woman, knowing how nice it is to fly with your hubby, and since I was flying solo, I said sure, no problem. So my reward for being nice was a few complimentary drinks. “Weee!” About halfway through the flight a fellow across the aisle started chatting it up – we’re a very friendly center section of the plane…we’re all getting to know one another. Turns out HE was the one who picked up my boarding pass and returned it. Even he agreed that I needed to get out more often!

So we made it to the hotel…a little later than I anticipated, so I am not going to the Rocky Mountains; that really is a true day trip, anyhow. So I walked around downtown Denver, just taking in some shops and people watching. And, obviously catching up my blog.
Right now I’m sitting on 17th street enjoying a nightcap before I head back to the hotel and iron my clothes for tomorrow. I found free internet just down the street from the Marriot, where internet access is $12.95 a day. Rip off.

Feel free to send me a ticket to anywhere in the future...would hate to let my traveling expertise be forgotten.....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Saturday

Who knew that Superman needed to practice casting his fishing pole...
Maggie is talking to the goose down there...she talked to him or her for about a good 10 minutes. She even sang Jesus Loves Me, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and the ABC song to him (or her).

Maggie just being cute!

Owen and Maggie checking out the green algae in the water, the bugs, and whatever else that was crawling around down there...

I took the above photos yesterday....I am not a "stay at home" kinda gal - so I was really glad to convince Owen that we should get out of town for a few hours (I couldn't even convince him to go to Hyvee for chocolate milk and freezee pops the other day. He seems to be really enjoying staying at home with me now that school is out.) we went down to a state park and practiced casting his fishing pole.

Maggie enjoying the sprinkler park (I think sometime last week). I sat in front of this sprinkler...the cool mist was awesome!

Our "Ode to Michael Jackson." Kids are boppin around to "Beat It." Getting the "Thriller" tape when it came out in '82/'83 was the highlight of my 3rd grade school year!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Our friends, Mike and Emily and adorable Quinton came over last weekend to visit...awesome grilling weather, sunny, not too hot...the brats and burgers were pretty near perfect.

Maggie and Quinton, I think he'll be 1 in September.

Despite not napping, Owen pulled off his Superman abilities...jumping and leaping...he could have used his Superman cape a few days ago....(he jumped off our neighbor's waterslide...about 5 1/2 feet tall, landed on his bum; chipping his top & bottom teeth and gashing up the gum behind his bottom teeth...there was lots of blood. Of course I was the only adult around, me and my queasy tummy got him all fixed up, though. I was glad when Dave got home to take over consoling Owen, he (Owen) was really worried about his teeth)

Hmmm....can you guess why the Superman video is Owen's favorite? (Owen would be Superman every day if I washed his outfit that often somehow it only gets washed once week). I thought it was fitting to post a Superman video on Father's Day, since I know so many Super Men!

Happy Father's Day: Dave, Dad, Dan, Jeff, Toby, and all my friends!