Sunday, July 30, 2006

New pics and video

The picture on the top is of Owen's bathtime.
Video of Owen's bathtime:

Picture on the bottom is Owen's first trip to the pool. He didn't like it very much since the water was a bit ont he cold side. Went back a week or two later after 100 degree weather and he enjoyed it much more!

Long time, no posting...we're still around!

I'm enjoying a nice quiet Sunday morning while the boys are napping. Instead of picking up the living room, washing the huge stack of dishes in the sink or even fold clothes I decided to take a few minutes and put up a new post and pictures.

Here are some pictures from Early July. We celebrated our neice's 1st birthday! Hannah and Owen played pretty well together. You can see that Owen is enjoying stuffing his face with a birthday cupcake! We didn't quite get Hannah's cupcake in the picture above, but it's there. It''s so hard to believe that a year has gone by and how much has changed. Owen will turn one August 26th, our lives are soo different.

We had a rather surprising surprise in May. Turns out that Owen will be getting a little brother or sister for Christmas! I'm about 18 weeks into the pregnancy, so I had to go get the box of maternity clothes out of storage about 2 weeks ago. (Seems like not too long ago that I put them away!) The 20-week appointment when they do the ultra-sound is coming up, and we've decided that we are going to go ahead and find out what kind of bun is in the oven this time. Since we're planning on buying a house soon, we'll be able to plan ahead and get a nursery put together that doesn't have to be shared with the computer and office stuff. Hopefully each child can have their own room and not share with the computer!

I've been working at Sylvan Learning Center for about a month now. I work whenever they're open for tutoring. So when Dave comes home from his work, I hand Owen off to him, give him the details of how our day went and off I go until 8 or 9. With me working part-time, that doesn't leave a lot of free time to look for houses, but somehow we've managed to look at quite a few. We even made an offer on one down in Springfield, and went back and forth a few times with the bid, but the owners seemed unwilling to negotiate very we're still looking.

Dave's 1960 Cadillac Sedan DeVille is up for bid on Ebay. We're trying to downsize our "stuff" and hopefully make a profit as well. It will be up for bid until Tuesday...Aug 1st.

I can't think of anything else that's new and exciting to report on. There's more pictures and a video that I'll try to get posted.