Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Owen!

Today is Owen's 4th Birthday! We celebrated a little bit this evening...he and Maggie picked out big birthday cookies from Hyvee...please note they did not eat their entire cookie; and YES we did a doubly good job brushing their teeth this evening!
It's so much fun to see them making a big mess...and enjoying it SO MUCH. Owen didn't make as big a mess as Mags did-but he was trying not to, since he's a real big boy, now!
He's looking forward to celebrating this weekend...he has invited the whole town of Springfield and surrounding areas to his party...I'm sure we'll be wild and crazy bunch out at Mahoney...more pictures to come later this weekend.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We have LOTS of tomatos and squash-PLEASE- come get some!
I love Zinnias! My favorites are the pink ones.

I really have no idea where the summer went. I have started back to work this week-ugh-setting the alarm stinks. But you know, the cutest little alarm clock still comes in to snuggle with me every morning at 6...I often think to myself why bother setting the alarm when my little dumpling will wake me never know-one of these days she might sleep past 6 AM!

We (meaning Dave) are FINALLY getting started on the basement bathroom project. It sounded simple at first-the plumbing for a bathroom is already there; just put in a toilet, sink and shower. Ha ha. The bathroom leaks. We discovered that last December when we hid Christmas presents down there! First, we (meaning DAve) had figure out where the leak was coming from. Long story short, he had to fix the big crack in the steps-then he painted the steps so they'd be nice. But he accidently got some creme paint on the black railing he just installed. So then he had to fix that. Now I guess we wait and see if it stays dry before I pick out paint colors.

Dave took down the ceiling to take a look at the front steps from below.

There's the leak. I spotted it pretty quick. :)

Maggie and Owen being cute.

We discovered that Maggie and Owen like to paint. One of these days I'm going to get a small 8 1/2 x 11 canvas for them and let them paint away on it and then frame them. I think they've got potential...

Must have been a hot day when I took this pic.

More Denver pics...I think this is before the Rockies game.

Some friends from good old Hastings College met up with me while I was in Denver. Emilie is on my left and DJ is on my right. I got to meet his lovely bride-to-be, Yvette.

Just me-taking a self-picture. Thought it was a nice picture.
Here's to another school year! :)