Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snow Pics

Wow. Two posts in one day. I'm sure we'll get another half-foot of snow tomorrow because of me. :)

This picture is right before we go sledding (for the second time today). What beautiful faces.

Maggie and I. Maggie really doesn't like to sled by herself - she'll go as many times as I'll take her.

My beautiful snow angel!

Here's Owen at the end of his "run." You can kind of see our new Escape behind the swingset. Have I posted a picture of it? We got an '06 Ford Escape to replace the Ford Ranger which met its fate a few months ago on ice...

Owen, mid-hill. Not sure why the sled stopped in the middle. Dave came along to give him another push.
We finally have some "typical" Nebraska weather. I find myself daydreaming of white beaches and tropical islands more and more. Coronado Beach, come and get me! I am patiently awaiting my vegetable and flower seed catalogs...makes the winter months pass by a tad quicker if I have something springy to think about...what shall I plant this spring?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Colds, Coughs, now Snow, Oh My

Maggie's beautiful curls. This was a few weeks ago, her hair is now long enough for piggy-tails, so it's starting to straighten out. The "piggies" are just about as cute as the curls, though...

Here's Owen and Maggie in their Rocket Ship.

Another snowy day had to be spent inside their makeshift "tent."

Who new we had a talking tent?
Well, I've finally posted a few pics AND a video. January always seems to be rough. Somebody in our family has been sick since before Christmas. We now have gone 4 days without someone being sick. We've all had everything. You name it, we got it.
Let's see, what happened in January? Not much. We went through a lot of kleenex. I had another birthday. My students took great care of me-had a big cake delivered, fresh flowers, cards from lots of friends and family. A great day!
The week before Dave and I celebrated by going to Gran Torino and I got my piano tuned! It had been about 4 years since the old '38 Baldwin had been tuned, it really wasn't that bad...but it needed it a tune up!
January was a big month for writing. My students all completed a soon-to-be published, hard-bound book. (each student wrote their own book of memoirs, most of them wrote about 20 pages!) So I did A LOT of reading and editing. It was a great project to lead up to the big State Writing test. Which we got done and out of the way, thank goodness! Only 45 more assessments left to give!
Well, we got about 7 inches of snow today. I actually got "the call" this morning at 5:45 AM, and there wasn't even a snowflake in the air, yet! I think we could have had school. I had 2 tests to give, plus the Valentine's Day party. Poor kids had a snow day the day before Christmas break and had to cancel their Christmas party. Oh well, me and Maggie made cupcakes (from scratch-gotta teach her right from the start!) Owen wanted to go to "school," (pre-school) so he went and had a blast, as usual. I got a great nap with Maggie.
I'm sure tomorrow will be spent making snowmen and women. Better go take some aspirin in preparation for the snow fun awaiting me in the morning.