Sunday, November 25, 2007

3 new videos posted
I posted some new videos on our putfile account. There's a video of Owen playing his guitar (he's singing Jesus Loves Me), Maggie crawling, and Maggie jumping in her Johnny Jumper. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Grandma getting Maggie ready to go out into the cold.
Here's Owen and Hannah helping Grandma clean.
Owen sacked out after a heck of a performance.
Maggie's new "do." She's finally getting enough hair to play with.

Owen and Hannah, partners in crime. Grandpa and Maggie.
Jeff, Jack, and Dave...I think the Huskers have lost by this time in the day.
Maggie's always ready to smile.

Not sure what they're up to here. All in all it was another successful Thanksgiving. Mindy's pumpkin pie was fabulous, my stuffing was pretty good and Jeff's smosted turkey got eaten in a hurry. (It was half smoked and then finished off by being roasted). Everyone got a long fairly well...even the two-year olds! The babies got along fabulously. Just wait until next year....We'll have 2-three year olds, 2 two-year olds and an almost 1 year old!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fall Pictures

Pictures from the Louisville State Park. Saw the geese....paddle boats were all put away for the year. Owen was so disappointed that the teepees didn't have their "covers" on them anymore.

Owen and Maggie in their tent.

Owen helping Uncle Jeff pick corn.

Owen and Maggie helping with the garden harvest of potatoes and pumpkins.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Amazing...two posts in one day. I'm actually doing some serious procrastinating. I am avoiding grading 144 "Eureka" stories. I guess technically only 139. I submitted 5 of them for our "Write Touch" contest. They were due to me about a week ago....but, I haven't started grading them, yet. I think there's some dishes to do....maybe some cookies to bake....too bad the kids are in bed, I'd vacuum!
Owen made this "thingy" all by himself. At first it started out as an airplane, and soon turned into a "thingy." He looked through it like he was sighting something...which makes sense, because we went to the Council Bluffs train museum yesterday, and he looked through a surveyor scope.
Here's Maggie, cute as can be.

No one believes me when I tell them I'm raising a monkey. Here's the proof. Curious Owen. We survived our first Halloween trick-or-treating. It really wasn't that great. We thought 5:30 would be early enough. So Dave took Owen out around that time, but only 1 person on our block came to their door. I don't think Dave really wanted to take him to a bunch of places where we had no clue who lived inside the house, so they came back, Owen's pumpkin only slightly full. The upside is that we don't have to worry too much about tooth decay!
Here's a happy Maggie....laughing at the monkey, again.

Here's Owen all serious. He loves his new church outfit. He was very careful to not get it dirty.

The last of Summer Fun

Here's the last of the summer pictures. It only took me 2 months to post Owen's 2nd birthday
party pics. The cute picture on the couch is right before church (Owen and Maggie were baptised, finally...same day as his birthday). The following weekend we went paddle boating.
I will try to post Halloween pictures soon! (Hopefully before Christmas! :-)