Wednesday, June 01, 2011

2 More Projects Completed

 Two more projects crossed off the list.  Our refrigerator is not new.  However, when we moved in the ice and water were not hooked up.  (We moved in almost 5 years ago, by the way).  So Monday, Dave decided to hook it up-the kit the owners left was incomplete-it didn't look like it had all the correct parts for iron pipes.  (Iron-is that right?)  However, Dave made it work.
Next my horn valves and slides unstuck.  Still works!  It is a Yamaha 668N, if you're wondering.  I got it as a high school graduation present...played it through my years at Hastings College and a few community bands, afterwards. 

Next big project to finish up is at one of my school libraries.  I am totally revamping how I have my fiction organized.  It is a big project, to say the least.